Managment Style

William Gunkel

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SQA Architect, Team & Project Management Consultant 

Management Style

  • Hands on manager

  • Mentoring and leading by example

  • Maintain tight control of department budget

  • Empowering each member of the team to do his/her job

  • Coaching team leadership and team members to achieve their objectives with regular one-on-one meetings

  • Soliciting feedback for myself & team leads from team members via direct one-on-one meetings and anonymous feedback system

  • Strong advocate for each team member

    • Supporting each team member in chosen career path

    • If a team member misses a Quality problem, itís my responsibility to take the hit and advise management how the process will be improved. As a team we will work to correct the process. Any on going problems would be corrected first as a team effort, then one on one as need

    • When a team member excels in his/her effort to meet deadline, the effort will be noted by the team and by upper management (I did not do it by my self)

  • Assure team is fully informed via weekly team meetings with team leads and monthly department meetings

  • Very forthright as to my perception of teams goals, open to / ask for same candor from the rest of the team

  • Work closely with HR to work through any employee performance issues

    • Set high standard of performance expectations (based on clearly set objectives) for each team member

    • Reward and acknowledge performance that exceeds expectations

    • As early as possible develop a corrective action plan if performances are not meeting expectations

Revised March 2003

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